Gia Woods Hair By Gia Dallas Ruined My Scalp!

Los Angeles, California 1 comment

Gia Woods Hair By Gia in Dallas Texas is not only ruining everyones scalp and causing permanent hairloss with her hair extensions but has been speaking horribly about other hair extension salons, her own staff and other clients she works with.My scalp has bald spots and scarring.

I have lost 30% of my hair per my doctor. 15% is permanent scarring. I have been crying and depressed for 6 months now. I used to have full hair.

I had it lengthened 10 months ago. Paid over $1200.00 every 3-4 months and all I got out of it was a damaged scalp, and scraggely thin hair! She seems nice at first then her ego gets out of control and she seems to talk down and slander everyone around her. She is not a nice person.

Gia Woods Acts like she is above everyone else, even spoke badly about her own family! When I complained about my hair loss she told me I was not taking care of my hair extensions. My doctor says otherwise. I heard there was a class action lawsuit that was being organized.

I am going to find out who and join. People please be aware of Gia Woods of Texas. She seems charming at first and sucks you in with her makeovers.

Horrible human being.No integrity.

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Gia Woods Hair Extension Salon in Dallas in NOT the best hair salon and is NOT high quality hair a fraud and a liar.

Big Golddigger and a drama queen. Talks dirt on her clients while she ruins your scalp.

I know so many others that she hurt and lied to.Gia Woods your an awful person.

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